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Building brand with quality

As a cosmetic packaging equipment manufacturing industry leader,Nantong machine co., LTD20Years always uphold the spirit of craftsmen,Adhere to the inheritance and innovation simultaneously,Quality and service first,Continuously forge ahead,With excellent quality for the brand extension,Pour more attention around the world to build、More valuable machine brand。

Wit made

Science and technology to improve life

As a national high and new technology enterprise,Nantong machine into practice“Made in China2025",Conscientiously implement the party's 19 big spirit and CPPCC report,Adhere to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance,Adhere to the quality for this、Benefit is preferred,In order to supply the side structural reform as the main line,To improve the quality of the supply system for the main direction,Accelerate the manufacturing quality change、The efficiency of transformation、Dynamic change,In order to achieve“two centenary goal”Goals and new era characteristic socialism contribution to the Chinese dream of greater strength。

Improve the prestige by service

As a collection of research and development、Production、Sales、The integration of the service enterprises,General machine is established、The system and the standardization of service security system,To ensure that every link executive in place、Fine processing。We have a proficient in product、Skilled and experienced service engineers ready to go,At any time to provide nuanced close service。