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Company profile

Company profile

Jining city health pharmaceutical co., LTD was established1997Years,Its predecessor is1956Years of jining well-being pharmaceutical factory。The company is located in jining city hi-tech development zone,Cover an area of an area48000Square meters,Total assets1.6One hundred million yuan。Company specializing in deep processing of rice bran oil production and sales of oryzanol、Bran sterol and active pharmaceutical ingredients And preparations of pharmaceutical enterprises。The main products are refined rice bran oil、Oryzanol、Bran sterol、Natural ferulic acid、Oryzanol、Bran sterol、Compound diazepam tablets。Rice bran oil series products have been passedQSCertification,Drug substances and drug products have been throughGMPCertification。Jining city health pharmaceutical co., LTD attaches great importance to product quality。Advanced production technology,The modernization of production equipment,Well-equipped testing means,Optimization of the management methods to ensure the high quality products,To meet the different needs of different customers。Jining city health pharmaceutical co., LTD sales network covering domestic20Many provinces and cities area...

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